Why should your company engage in CSR?

Because it pays off and because there is a growing expectation that companies take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously and actively engage in CSR matters.

With an active CSR engagement, your company can:

  • save money by saving resources
  • live up to customers' demands and expectations now and in the future
  • prepare for future CSR laws, regulations and public purchase policies
  • attract the best and most committed employees

CSR – some history

Until fairly recently, CSR was primarily relevant for the large high-profile companies with well-known brands to protect.

Today the situation has changed. CSR has become relevant for any area of business and the general expectation is that companies are attentive to both negative and positive consequences of their business.

One could say, that the questions about ’Why CSR’ more or less has been replaced by the question ‘How CSR?’

Fortunately, many companies have already recognized the many advantages of working actively with CSR. This means that CSR is no longer something you merely live with – it is something you can live off.

CSR has also been put on the corporate agendas by public procurement policies, new possibilities for certification and, most significantly, new rules and regulation. In fact, today the 1000 largest companies in Denmark are required to report about their CSR policies and activities in their annual financial statement.

This development has progressed quickly and the result is obvious: Get your CSR under control – rather today than tomorrow and secure your company by being prepared for coming demands and expectations from customers, business partners, public authorities etc.

What is CSR?

Basically, CSR is about responsibility and how companies contribute positively to:

  • the environment
  • local and global communities
  • employees

CSR is short for
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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