Environmental problems and bad working conditions in the supply chain are often what cause negative headlines and bad press coverage. The first step when working with supplier related CSR activities is therefore to obtain an overview of potential risk in the supply chain, including:

  • do you have suppliers in risk countries, i.e. countries with low adherence to laws and regulations governing working conditions, human rights, environment and corruption?
  • what are the risks of negative publicity for your company if one of your suppliers does not live up to environmental and social standards?
  • are there any risks of child labor or bad working conditions among your suppliers?
  • are there any specific environmental challenges such as fragile biodiversity or natural areas, rainforests, wildlife etc. in the area of your operations?

When risks, challenges and possibilities are mapped – relevant supplier related CSR activities could be:

  • to make requirements about improvements of environment and social standards by the supplier
  • cooperation with suppliers to fulfill CSR requirements
  • cooperation with supplier to promote certified or fair trade products.

Supplier related activities can be a complex area to engage in. Let CSR-Direct help you assess the possibilities and challenges and set up relevant supplier CSR activities to ensure that both your company and the supplier will benefit from the efforts.

What is CSR?

Basically, CSR is about responsibility and how companies contribute positively to:

  • the environment
  • local and global communities
  • employees

CSR is short for
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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