What is CSR

CSR is short for Corporate Social Responsibility. Basically, CSR is about responsibilities and how companies actively integrate environmental and social concerns in their daily business. 

CSR work often involves four areas:

Environment Community Employees Suppliers


Do you know what CSR means for your business?

CSR is a broad concept that covers a wide range of subjects and every company has its own unique challenges. The exact content of CSR always depends on the business area of the individual company.

For companies in the building industry it would be natural to focus on

  • environmentally safe building materials
  • resource optimizing alternatives for buildings and homes

For companies in the timber trading or wood production the most obvious area of concern would be to

  • promote the use of certified timber products and sustainable forestry. 

For companies with close ties to the local community, it will make sense to be involved in local initiatives. And companies with production and/or many foreign suppliers should first and foremost make certain that things are okay here.

CSR for your company

Have you shifted to A-rated light bulbs or do your company support the local little league players?

No initiatives are too ’small’ to be CSR as long as there is a clearly described purpose and a wish to make a positive difference.

CSR-Direct can help your company to determine which CSR issues will be most beneficial for your company to engage in.

Read about CSR-Direct's three-step model here

What is CSR?

Basically, CSR is about responsibility and how companies contribute positively to:

  • the environment
  • local and global communities
  • employees

CSR is short for
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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