For the wood and timber business: Get ready for PEFC and FSC certification

The forest and timber business experiences a growing demand for documentation of the legality for their timber and wood products and, in some cases, it is required that the wood carries a recognized certification such as PEFC or FSC.

In order to be able to trade products certified with either PEFC or FCS, the company must have a ‘chain-of custody’ certification (certification for traceability). The certification itself is administered by accredited certification companies, who issue the certificates.

Prior to obtaining a ‘chain of custody’ certification, the company must implement systematical and written procedures for the handling of certified timber and wood products. 

CSR-Direct can help your company:

  • understand the requirements in the traceability procedures
  • establish and describe procedures and policies
  • implement the procedures throughout the company
  • undertake the required training of all employees in the procedures

Contact CSR-Direct for a non-binding talk about your needs and wishes in connection with a 'chain of custody' certification.

What is CSR?

Basically, CSR is about responsibility and how companies contribute positively to:

  • the environment
  • local and global communities
  • employees

CSR is short for
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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