Welcome to CSR-Direct

CSR-Direct offers professional and business-oriented assistance to your work with corporate social responsibility (CSR). Regardless of the size and ambitions of your company, CSR-Direct can assist you with:

  • clarification of CSR issues relevant for exactly your business
  • realistic CSR strategy that matches your daily business
  • policies to help you to keep focus and reach your goals
  • business-oriented CSR activities
  • communicating your good CSR stories and results to stakeholders

CSR – what does it mean for your company?

Let CSR-Direct help you to determine the most obvious CSR focus areas of your company and create a realistic CSR strategy that matches your daily business.

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What is CSR?

Basically, CSR is about responsibility and how companies contribute positively to:

  • the environment
  • local and global communities
  • employees

CSR is short for
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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